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What is a VIN Verification and why are they making me do this?
I'll bet you think someone at the DMV is giving you a bad time - don't you.  Fact is, VIN Verifications have been required for over 45 years that I know of.  Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy.  The Department of Motor Vehicles works very hard at keeping it's records accurate, to a point that it may seem a little overkill, NOT.  Try it a different way, suppose you were in charge of over 40 million vehicles and the owners personal information attached to each one of them, does it look any different now??  Think what would happen if the department got all that information mixed up - don't even think about being hacked - what a crisis.
The point is, that an individual who isn't thinking about the accuracy involved would tell the Department just about anything to get his/her transaction processed and walk out with their plates and stickers -Done Deal.
Bottom line, if you are bringing vehicle back into the system after it fell out, if you are bringing a vehicle in from out of this state or the existing records are inaccurate, the vehicle will need to be verified to prove to the department that the vehicle is actually in this state and the information on that vehicle is accurately provided to the Department from trusted personal.
It simply can't work that way.  Yes, you can give them bad information and they are forced to believe you to a point. Hope they don't find out - the last DMV detective I met was packing a gun and he seemed pretty serious about the situation, oops somebody is in trouble.
A vehicle verification by DMV, CHP, or a licensed vehicle verifier is the DMVs way to get accurate information on each and every vehicle coming into their system database, and/or to clear any discrepancies or doubt about the information. 
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Vin Verification
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