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Please Note: It is not the responsibility of the verifier to locate and/or clean your vehicle ID. You must know where the VIN numbers are located and that they are legible in order to verify that they are correct for the vehicle. If needed, we can provide ideas where the VIN's may be found on some of the older models, but certainly not all, however, you can find most of the answers with some on-line research, (Example: 1957 Cadillac vin location).
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Special Note -  AS of 10/01/16 - All Vehicles, no matter what year, 1886 - (thats eighteen hundred and eighty six) to the present, must have two matching identification numbers (VIN's). Please don't take this lightly - it is the law)  If you do not have  two matching identification numbers, the Department Of Motor Vehicles and Licensed Vehicle Verifiers are required to refer you to the CHP for verification.  The cost of this referral is the same as any verification for your county.
1st VIN - On vehicles 1970 and newer vehicles, we must always have the primary vin in the windshield and it must be legible.
2nd VIN - On vehicles 1970 and newer, we will need to see the Federal Certification Label (usually on the left side door frame or door). If the Federal ID is missing or illegible, you will be referred to the  CHP.
On 1968 and newer, we will need to look for an EPA sticker, usually located in the engine compartment or under the hood.  We will also need to record the mileage on the odometer.
Also, when completing a vehicle verification, in addition to seeing the actual VIN's on the vehicle, we will need to see whatever documentation you have on the vehicle such as Title, Registration, Certificate Of Origin, etc..
Super Special Note -  AS of 09/01/17 -  Licensed Vehicle Verifiers can now  verifiy older model vehicles with only one VIN number. As we suspected, the above regulation put to much presure on the CHP.  Welcome Back, If you have a vehicle 1969 and older with only one VIN And Have suporting documentation for that vehicle (title, old registration), We can verifiy it for the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Exception Please Note:  No Licensed Vehicle Verifier and/or the DMV can verify Salvage Title Vehicles or motorcycles with No Title or Engine Changes. These are CHP Verifications Only.  If you have questions - Please read our entire website.  If you need to be referred to the CHP we can refer you, the price is the same as any verification for your county or zip code posted.
No Salvage Vehicles, **CHP Only**
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